Why Covid-19 Is Diminishing In Poll-Bound States?

India is witnessing more than 1 lakh daily covid cases, which include most cases from states like Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. However, poll-bound states are not experiencing an upsurge in daily cases. Is covid diminishing in poll-bound states, or is there a possible COVID-19 scam going on?

Why Covid-19 Is Diminishing In Poll-Bound States?
Why Covid-19 Is Diminishing In Poll-Bound States?

As per the reports, the 11 states including Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab are stated as ‘states of grave concern’. These states are reporting a huge rise in their daily covid-19 cases worse than before. Almost 82% of new India’s covid-19 cases are being reported by these states. However, in comparison to these states, poll-bound states such as West Bengal just reported around 4,511 yesterday, whereas Assam reported only 352 cases this Sunday.

Bengal is only halfway through elections, and political parties are still holding huge massive jampacked rallies with people. All covid guidelines are going in vain in these rallies. Still, West Bengal is not on the list of ‘the states of grave concern’.

Look at the data of West Bengal Covid-19 testing –

From January 1 to January 7 –  2,23,525 tests with 2.6% positivity rate

From March 26 to March 31 – 1,29,605 tests with 4.6% positivity rate

It means when West Bengal was testing more, the positive rate (people who tested positive) was low, and when the state has reduced the testing, the positivity rate almost doubled.

As per data, from January 2021, West Bengal is drastically reducing the number of covid-19 tests which are conducted on a daily basis. The same pattern was followed last year during the time of the Bihar elections. Every poll-bound state has reduced its state’s covid test. Elections have ended in Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, and Puducherry. However, West Bengal has 4 phases left ahead of results on May 2nd.

Why Covid-19 Is Diminishing In Poll-Bound States?
Why Covid-19 Is Diminishing In Poll-Bound States?

In comparison to Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, these states’ covid cases are very low. Despite all those traffic jams, rallies, there is a minimal spike in covid cases. This indicates that poll-bound states are doing the same thing which Bihar did last year. Last year, when Bihar conducted the elections with huge rallies and the roadshow, the count of cases was low in the comparison of the pandemic. After a time it was said that during this time Bihar reduced their covid-19 testing. They don’t even have a true graph of covid tests, cases, etc.

This same thing is what West Bengal is doing to hide their actual number of cases. The growth in a surge in the current wave is because of the active cases. Although Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh are from those 8 states which are having an increase in covid cases, it’s not right to say that only these two states have cases that are increasing rapidly.

According to experts, if the testing of poll-bound states does not ramp up, then the outbreak would be dangerous. The high testing rate of a state just shows that the state is doing some efforts to find out who is infected, but an increase in positivity rate only shows that they are not doing enough in protecting the state.

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