Who are Gods? A Series of Questions

who are gods
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We’ve all been worshipping a “supreme-one” or a God all these times. A series of certain questions start here, we’ll think about the answers on the way. To begin with, Have we ever thought about the origin of these stories or these ‘supreme ones’ ever before? How they became Gods? Were they born with this super-powers? Or did they acquire it in their journey? Or was it certain skills that they developed, with constant practice, and hard work? What we need to do is think. Even though we are mere mortals we all have a functional brain to think with.

         Imagine a leader, who was extremely brilliant in what he did, everyone loved him as their shepherd, who also happened to be extremely skilled and the best in everything he mastered. Wouldn’t people look up to him? Wouldn’t people ask him for favors? Wouldn’t people worship him? Wouldn’t there be books written on him? Talking about books being written, If someone is so good at something the books written on him would definitely contain some amount of hyperbole, because why not! And if it was being happened in the past written documentations were the only method of recording possible and of course; lores. The stories told from one generation to the next might contain certain additions sometimes and the details of this story would increase definitely. In some cases even more details than what actually happened.

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A Skilled Human or a God?

Let’s now say, a Prince, who was told to be adopted from a forest, by a king during hunting. The prince grew up to be extremely skilled in martial arts, was a gentleman, and the epitome of dharma. He was so great that they called him the son of GODS (Ringing any bells?). “Hariharasuthan” they called him. Meaning the son of Hari (Mahavishnu) and Haran (Lord Shiva) itself. His name being Manikandan (Referred to as Ayyappan too), he was proficient in martial arts, was a gentleman to everyone, and a great prince indeed. It was even said that he went to milk a tigress to prepare a medicine for his mother, and rode the tigress back to his castle. Once he even took down a buffalo demon too they say! He was said to be a democratic leader, a military genius, and a mercenary too. All this seems to be something about an extremely skilled leader right? Then comes the Chemical-X, the story elements! And what you get in the end is GOD.

It was said that he went into the forest later to spend the rest of his life there as a celibate (Brahmachari). And a temple was built in his remembrance where he wanted it to be. He was such a good, extremely skilled person that people started worshipping him and he was called the son of gods and eventually became a god himself! Was it superpowers that made him the favorite chieftain? Or was it the skills he acquired through proper training, the skill sets he obtained, the empathy he showed, the care for his family he took, the leadership traits he showed, the way he was a great friend, the warriorship he showed? He did things what a good human being with a wide array of skillsets and a pure heart would do.

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There are written documents supporting the existence of Prince Manikandan In between the 1st and 3rd century CE and even the castle which he was said to be brought up in still stands in his province, with the later generations of his royal family. Seems more like the story of a Supreme Leader, right? Similarly can’t we trace back most of the stories, then remove the story elements to get a logical series of events? In the end, the ultimate question being Extremely skilled humans/leaders or GODS?

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