Uttarakhand Forest Fire: Why Our Forests are Burning?

The forests of Uttarakhand are burning day by day. In the last six months, we’ve witnessed over 1,000 incidents of forest fire. In the last 24 hours, 40-45 active fire incidents are reported. As per the reports, the Garhwal and Kumaon forest regions along with some parts of Nainital, Almora, Tehri, and Pauri districts are facing the worst hit.

Uttarakhand Forest Fire: Why Our Forests are Burning?
Uttarakhand Forest Fire: Why Our Forests are Burning?

The personnel team from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) reached out there with helicopters to save the living beings. Despite that, at least 5 persons and 6-7 animals are reported dead. Property worth Rs. 37 lakh were destroyed because of this incident.

Since the starting of this year, forest departments recorded a series of forest fires. From Himachal Pradesh to Nagaland-Manipur border, to Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh, forests are burning. This April-May is the time of the year where we heard most of the news related to the forest fires in various parts of the country.

Why Forests are Burning?

The forest fire is a natural disaster and can occur due to many reasons. According to the reports given by officials, the major reason for forest fires in India is human activities which trigger the environment. The massive fires in the Amazon forest in Brazil and Australia are also linked to emerging climate changes as per global reports.

In India, usually in March, April or May, such forest fires occur. As we all know in these months, the ground is covered with large quantities of dry wood, logs, or dead leaves which can catch up the flames so easily. Extreme heat, dryness, or friction created by the branches is also a reason for the fire. In Uttarakhand, lack of moisture in the soil is a key factor behind the forest fire.

The hard task is to control forest fires. Sometimes, during peak season, there is a shortage of staff. It is impossible to transport heavily loaded trucks of water to the forest to calm it down. So helicopters help the department in controlling the fire.

Recently, two Mi-17 helicopters have been sent by the Indian Air Force to calm the fire. These helicopters are collecting the water from Tehri lake and spreading it all over the forest.

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