The Never-Ending Wait for the C-Elixir-The Vaccine Race

Waiting for the miracle to come…
A quarter of 2020 has been spoilt by Coronavirus, still, the news of corona vaccines seems to be questionable. It has set off trepidation in people. It’s been around 6 months of coronavirus in India. Initially, the lockdown was desired to thwart the spread but now it has already dispersed to various places of India.

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Corona Vaccines

Some people prefer to hang around at home until the vaccine comes. The concern is for how long? Uncertainty and increase in COVID cases have heightened media attention again. India has logged 53,000 deaths but 2,038,709 have been recovered till now. As restrictions ease and millions returning to work, people are now anxious about entering into the new world. Certainly, the world isn’t going to be the same as it was previously. The question arises, why we’re living under the roof of anxiety and waiting for a miracle to come? This is the time to accept the reality that feels unacceptable. It’s not time to be reluctant, it’s time to take precautions.
The vaccine is not coming for now.

Russia leading the race

The race for the corona vaccines is on—and according to experts, it may not be over soon. Vaccine projects are underway in various countries including the US, Europe, China, and India. Still, experts believe that we will be living with the coronavirus well into 2021. It doesn’t mean the vaccine will not come, this means humankind should not expect it to the early. India is eyeing the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. It may be available for Indians by the end of 2020. The level of international cooperation between pharmaceutical companies, scientists, in the situation is unprecedented.

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The vaccine will come for inevitable, concern is the time and energy we’re wasting over thinking about it.

In Samuel Beckett’s play, “Waiting for Godot”, two men Vladimir and Estragon keep on waiting for the arrival of Godot. Each day, they meet and wait for the Godot. Their act is a choice in itself. On the contrary, we have freedom and knowledge. Then, why we’re waiting? The vaccine will come but we can’t wait until it comes. Don’t let yourself drown into the pool of anxiousness. Enter into the pandemic world as it is.

The wait for that ordinary day

Don’t label yourself as weak. Since the lockdown came into place, people are living in panic. Now, it’s been half a year, we can not let fear stay in our minds forever. Take control of your life and start your daily routine with every must precaution. Unnecessarily outing isn’t what we are advising. It’s time for a new start and to accept the whole thing. Changing your perspective can lead you to better yourself. Don’t label yourself as a weak human being, the fear is real but we have to overcome it. As per the new report, the pandemic has caused an increase In anxiety, depression, stress, and suicides. Take your time, remove extra fear, and burdens. The recovery rate of India stands at 72%, it’s a positive sign. Save yourself from slipping into a world where you don’t want to be. Connect with people and try to go outside for a fresh atmosphere, you need this. Fear is normal, but don’t let it control you.

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