The Shift Of Focus From Bollywood To Other Movie Industries

Bollywood is notorious for its obsession with filmy moments, songs, and cheesy lines. What’s more underwhelming is the same old concept being served to the audience. A love story, travel, rain, heartbreak, and it’s done. People watch this crap and then clap like it must be an Oscar award-winning film. Why Indians are so obsessed with Bollywood? People are thriving on mediocrity? Why the audience is just scrounging for entertainment?

Bollywood Scapegoats

In 2019, films like War, Kabir Singh, Housefull 4 rocked box office earning by entering the Rs 200 crore club. These all are an entertaining masala pot-boiler except for Housefull 4, which isn’t even entertaining. We criticize filmmakers for these films, but it’s the audience that should be criticized here. If the audience will outcast such movies, filmmakers have to think twice before making any crass film.

Movies like Masaan and October went bad in Boxoffice, unlike awful movies like Race 2 and Student of the year! Now people are criticizing directors like Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty for unrealistic movies! Criticize yourself for promoting such films. Especially in north India, people just need a mindscape at weekends and watch whatever movie they see.

The Future of Indian Cinema

Recently, I’ve shifted myself to South Cinema, and my heart thumped with dumbfoundedness. It made me realize what a sheer delight these movies are. South has more alluring content than Bollywood. Bollywood need a redo. Otherwise, sustainability is going to be a tedious task for them.

Over the past few years, some high budget films (Zero, Thugs of Hindostan, Race 3) featuring big names have flopped, while content-driven films (Raazi, Stree, Andhadhun, Badhaai Ho) with a small budget have done well. It’s an indelible sign that audience is into content rather than stardom. Let’s dismiss the Bollywood debate and save it for later.

As for now, I’m fascinated by the South cinema, especially Tamil and Malayalam movies. In just a couple of movies, they made me realize how riveting they are. There is something peculiar about these kinds of movies, what issues they tackle are contemporary.

The Unrealistic Passion of Bollywood Viewers

I’ve watched Anwar Rasheed’s momentous trance and from that moment, I turned myself into Malayalam films. Recently, I got the chance to watch more of south cinema due to the COVID crisis. It’s taking each shred of my heart, from the cinematography to unconventional storytelling. Before I share some gems to you, I would like to say these movies are specifically for content lovers. It would have been better if celebrity aficionado stays out of it.

First, Moothon (The Elder One) which is opposite to what Bollywood serves you. A Malayalam-Hindi bilingual action-thriller directed by Geetu Mohandas is like a flame that provoke viewers to think. How the movie unravels in front of my eyes was splendid. Such a gripping story that you won’t be able to take off your eyes from the screen. There is a transition between the serene Lakshadweep island and bustling Mumbai city. Can’t decide if its color toning is worthwhile or storyline. Dingy shops, drug mafia in Mumbai chawls propagates thoughts in my mind. This film includes many strong subjects such as love, acceptance, trepidation and deep-rooted stigmas in our society.

Movie: Moothon

After watching this, I would like to tell you why Bollywood sucks. Though, the industry is trying to revive themselves. The problem remains the same, “Money”, How do we expect filmmakers to churn out not so cliche scripts when we reject them in theatres.

Who will take such a risk when they know people love stardom more than storyline? When they know beforehand that something is going to be a flop, why would even they spend on it? If somebody spent some money, that means they want more in back. That is why movies like Phata poster nikla Hero, Singham, Bharat rules the Bollywood.

The second film on the platter is Kappela, which is in Malayalam language. Film’s storyline is simple yet magnificent. Kappela is the mishmash of the human psyche and filled with twists. It’s like an easy nut to crack, but the views from mountainous Kerala make it worthy. Watching a breezy melodrama could be fun, however I don’t like the way stalking served as love in the first half. But somehow director Musthafa swung the story in a second half.

The first half portrays as romantic and the second half takes me on a thrilled ride..

Movie: Kappela
Movie: Kappela

First half shows how a girl in middle class orthodox family has to agree with their mom and dad’s decision. Still, she went to Kozhikode to meet Vishnu. The climax will deceive audience mindset for its twist. We all expect good ending, aren’t we? In actual life, things are in the air. This is what Director tried to justify in the film.

On the contrary, Bollywood is serving the same story again and again. Bollywood is lacking in giving a message. You can see by your own how much positive response Tamasha got? For some, it’s just a romantic fable, but it has intense & severe narrative drifts. Still, some are in awe of this movie.

But it didn’t earn well at the box office. Meaning is an important factor for movies, filmmakers must realize this soon. Nowadays, people are appreciating content and films like Madaari, Piku, Hindi Medium, Qareeb Qareeb Single garnering mainstream adulation. So, Bollywood need to be awake because the audience has already rejected the Khans of Bollywood.

Another movie is Super Deluxe, which is Tamil-language black comedy-drama. It is heartening to see such stories on screen, where viewers have time to take a note on homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender.

Movie: Super Deluxe
Movie: Super Deluxe

Four interwoven stories brilliantly delivered by Thiagarajan Kumararaja. Everyone has to face their demons on one fateful day. Using science, this film delivers a meaningful experience with a pinch of entertainment. It’s important to craft such films with understanding, as there’s an already enough joke on transgenders.

What’s noteworthy is the transgender character Shilpa played by one and only Vijay Sethupathi. By highlighting the typifications that the transgender community face, this film surely a must-watch for everyone. Second, we are in awe of Samantha Akkineni’s beauty as she played the role of an unfaithful wife. This one keeps you glued till ending.

Well, this film made me remember Ayushmann’s Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan. The difference between these two is Super Deluxe respectfully portray transgender’s life. While latter defines transgender in a hasty way. If the topic is sensitive, it should be treated with sincerity not with wittiness. In society, already people make enough fun of LGBTQ community, so filmmakers need to educate the public about it. Mocking isn’t a way.

Way Ahead For Content and Reality

South Cinema is upgrading itself, especially Malayalam and Tamil language films. It has depth, strong storyline, spell bounded acting and so talented and creative directors, cinematographers.

Recently, Sushant Singh’s death has awakened the public about the nepotism debate. Sorry, Nepotism isn’t going to end because they get support from the audience. It’s time for the audience to respect the craft of actors. Did Irrfan receive the same love at par with Shah Rukh, Aamir, Salman of Bollywood? No, nobody cares.

New Spree of Nepotism

Now everybody is giving lectures on nepotism. Before their deaths, no one dares to boycott products of nepotism. This is the hypocrisy of the Indian audience. The audience is the one who is the responsible dreadful fate of young artists, not wholly but partially. Biggies of Bollywood remained on the top. However, the audience has the upper hand on this topic. If they appreciate the actual talent, why wouldn’t filmmakers take a risk of making worthy stories?

Filmmakers in India are having a rough time because the audience doesn’t care about the storyline. There are some who crowdfund their films because of a lack of money. Some films even accolade internationally but flopped at theatres. It’s time for People in India to reject crappy songs, exotic foreign locations; item-songs, and most important happy endings. It’s a favorable time to shift your focus to such films where you get entertainment, content, and a strong storyline on a single platter.

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