The New Fungus Hit in India: White Fungus

As the Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) cases spikes day by day in India. A new threat is the emerging fungal infection, the White Fungus that reported lately in Patna, Bihar. Four patients admitted with COVID-19 symptoms came out negative for covid and positive for the white fungus. Officials have no proof for its spreading to other states but it’s really fatal but it extends yet not known.

Cryptococcus gattii
Artist’s rendering of Fungs. Credit: Kateryna Kon Getty Images

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Why is it More Fatal?

The White Fungus affects not only the lungs but also spread more easily to other vital organs including nails, kidney, brain, private areas & mouth. One can get the infection through being in contact with things or surfaces containing these fungal moulds and through an unhygienic lifestyle.

People who take oxygen via any aids, frail immunity, pregnant women, whose lungs are at risk, people with unhygienic situations or surroundings, diabetes, taking steroids for a long time are at prior for this infection. How contagious it is not yet known!

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Symptoms of White Fungus Infection

Infection shows similar symptoms as covid like cough, chest pain, fever, shortness of breathing, etc. Also, such symptoms are similar to other diseases making it complicated and led to a delayed diagnosis. Other symptoms include small painless bumps on the skin and the disease can be easily diagnosed by the biopsy of the infected area and blood samples also help in some cases or by HRCT. According to medical experts, the administration of Antifungal medicines being really effective for this infection in the early stages.

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