The Family Man Season 2: Are You also Binge-Watching it?

Without digging deep into the story and giving you spoilers, we will tell you why The Family Man season 2 is worth watching. It’s a fictional work but there is a touch of realism throughout the season. Filled with thrill, suspense and action, this series can fill your weekend plan.

The Family Man Season 2: Are You also Binge-Watching it?
The Family Man Season 2: Are You also Binge-Watching it?

If you’ve seen season 1, then you must know it was ended with a gas attack. Now, the Family Man 2 starts with Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) working as a minimum guy in an IT firm as he quits TASC. JK (Sharib Hashmi), his only connection and another gem of the show continue his job at TASC. One thing, which was very clear from the beginning that Sri is missing the thrill and will surely join his previous job.

The events that lead Sri to join TASC again is worth watching. With every episode, the story gets intense. Scenes of the family man occur mostly between places like Sri Lanka, Mumbai, and London. It is so well connected that you may not feel the director has jumped the show from one location to another so many times.

Still, offering no spoiler, take a look at some dialogues of The Family Man season 2 that may tease you to watch the series right away!

“Main desh ke liye marr sakta hoon lekin politics ke liye nahin”

This single dialogue is enough to understand the condition of TASC officers and how they can not take even a single decision without the approval of politicians.

“Kaise keh sakte hain ki hum achhe log hain? Kaise keh sakte hain ki hum logo ki jaan bachate hain?”

Srikant gets back into action after he joined TASC and on a mission to save PM Basu from the Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels. This dialogue shows the hidden pain and sorrows these officers go through every single day.

“Our whole marriage is a Sham”

Srikant and Suchi went to the counselor to resolve the issue that is going on between them. It was after the Lonavala scene, but nobody knows what happened in Lonavala? Srikant wants to re-initiate a conversation with Suchi in the end scene. She was about to share a guilt that she has been living with but screen blanks out before she could speak. Suspense for the Family Man season 3!

Characters And Their Acting

The beautiful thing about this series is that each character has its own story, and they played it very well. Samantha Akkineni is undoubtedly the star of the season. She plays an emotionless girl rebel character ‘Raji’ who has faced a lot in her past.

The Family Man Season 2: Are You also Binge-Watching it?
The Family Man Season 2: Are You also Binge-Watching it?

After that, Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) as always, played the character smoothly. There is one scene where Sri cried on a call with her wife and you don’t want to miss that moment. Sri’s friend JK, essayed by Sharib Hashmi, can survive any situation because he is like a cockroach. Chellam Sir, played by Uday Mahesh is like google or Wikipedia for Srikant.


The Family Man is created, directed and produced by Raj & DK. We must say they both took it to another level as the first season was a superhit and the pressure was too much after that. In this season, cinematography by Cameron Bryson is crisp as tacos.

With their end credits, the makers left no doubts that season 3 is on the way and we can’t be more excited than this. The end has been perfectly connected with the ongoing situation of coronavirus pandemic. Chinese project called Guan Yu is likely to take place in Nagaland will be the next task for Srikant Tiwari.

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