That Chaotic Turn of The Farmer Protest on Republic Day

The brutal charade of numerous tractors to the capital left a black spot in the history of the Republic of India. At the end of the day, what was that for? Climbing up the historical Red Fort and hoisting some flag on the same day, were we chest thump for the sacrifice of our forces and unity of India?

This single-day spoiled the entire cause and sacrifice of the last 2 months of farmer protest. What are they fighting for? Who are they fighting against? By maligning the pride day of this large country and making us a laughing material in front of other countries, what did they gain from this other than sheer guilt and criticism?

Farmer protest
Farmer Protest at Singhu Border

Different from other times, the Modi government accepted half of their demands of farmers in between the protest. While the negotiations were still going on, such an act from them would bring serious repercussions.

In between the class today, leaders were seen by appealing to the mass not to take the violent path. The Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) has called off the Kisan Republic Day Parade with immediate effect and appealed to all participants to return to their respective protest sites.

The Blame Game

During the initial moments of protest, activists like Trisha Shetty and politicians were criticizing the government for not allowing the farmers to enter Delhi by blocking them with barricades. When things went out of hand, they all started blaming the government for allowing such a situation.

We strongly condemn the violence seen in today’s protest. It is regrettable that the Central Govt allowed the situation to deteriorate to such an extent.

The AAP said in a statement on Tuesday evening.

Hijacked Protest

BJP and the right-wing have been criticizing the protest from the beginning by accusing that the protest has been hijacked by Khalistanis and other fringe elements. Now the leaders of Kisan Morcha and other persons concerned are yelling that all this violence is initiated by some people with grave motos! Was the BJP right all the time? Or the farmers lying now?

Farmer clash with delhi police
Protesters at the ramparts of Red Fort – Mint

Scapegoating the Delhi Police is just another drama. The police are deployed to maintain law and order. Police officers are supposed to use firearms if they are threatened.

The Farm laws were made at such a time when there was a dire need for an Agro-revolution. Without discussing it with the farmers across the country or the opposition, the Modi government has done its job as it used to. Farmers had a legitimate concern over the bill, and the government welcomed any amendments as well. But today’s scene has changed a lot. And the government now can withstand the farm laws, even with no prior negotiations or meetings.

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