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Beauty has its own language and enhancing beauty is indirectly enhancing your beginning towards something magical. It comes with its own power which can be used and differentiate from person to person. Beauty is not restricted to just one gender it has its own empire. Now talking about beauty and marketing in correlation to each other as time is passing beauty and marketing together has advanced together. Now it is easier to avail beauty products at the comfort of sitting at your home. The advancement has brought out the sales of the products online which is a straightforward thanks to all the companies who are working to give out such services. Two such well-known company brands are Nykaa and Purplle. Both the companies are establishing their foot in the marketing game in a head-to-head competition of Nykaa vs Purplle.

Nykaa vs. Purplle

Answer to this question directly lies in the services the company provides and the ratio of the customer satisfaction. The more the traffic goes to one site makes it superior from the other. Online shopping can be a better experience for some and may not be same for other. Online shopping is skeptical many a times.

To give it more clarification here is a small comparison of both the companies to understand which one is better.

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Both Nykaa and Purplle offer a wide range of products from skincare to makeup to other essential products. Companies offer a wider and clearer outlook for every brand and product. There are some companies that aren’t available on Nykaa which may be offered by Purplle and vice versa. Nykaa is also a brand name on its own it sells out its products in the market. Also, Purplle too has its own makeup and skincare line. Also, there are some exclusive companies selling their product on the website. Down the road, Nykaa has more product variants than Purplle because of its international presence. Both the platforms came to India in 2011(Purplle) and 2012(Nykaa).

Customers are on a spree to find out who stands out in Nykaa vs Purplle. Payment is one of the most crucial features of any website. There are customers who blindly believe in paying online while on the other hand there are some who aren’t much sure about the platform and delivery. To make it easier for both the company offer debit, credit card services also you can pay with UPI services and also both the companies provide Cash on Delivery services. So for payment both the companies offer a wide range of options to pay for the product.

Beauty Matters

When it comes to prices, offers and discounts both the companies offer some great deals and offers. There is one or other sales live on both websites. You can easily find the products at some greatly discounted prices. Comparing sales both come out with some great price-dropping sales. Also, the usual cost of the products is also reasonable and according to the product and the brand. So from the eye of a buyer, both companies offer great prices.

When it comes to beauty guides and other features Nykaa takes over Purple. Both the platforms provide some tutorials for beginners who want to learn makeup but Nykaa offers a better platform. There is one or other masterclasses that are provided by Nykaa and some famous celebrity artists and beauty vloggers come on the platform and teach makeup to give out tips and tricks. Also, there is a proper section named Nykaa TV. They give out videos tips and tricks on makeup and also skincare.

Both the companies give out genuine customer reviews of the products. If you are thinking of buying something you can check out the reviews given out by customers and buy the product with total satisfaction. Also, there is one thing to always keep in mind there are some product which works for some and won’t work for others.

Pick it Out

When it comes to Nykaa the company is well established in the market of online shopping. Some disadvantages that are given out by the customer are first of all the color discrepancy that you see may not be the same when it comes to your hand. Also, the product feel is something you can guess out with an online platform. The last and the major disadvantage are order delay and cancellation. Many a time customer has come out with delays and cancellation of their products.

Same as Nykaa the color discrepancy and feel of the product are the same. But the other disadvantage which is noted is they don’t sell out authentic products some time. There have been reviews over authenticity. Also, delivery delays are the same.

Talking about both, the companies have come out a long way now to establish themselves. But according to people surveys and popularity ratio Nykaa is ahead of Purplle. Both the companies provide the customer satisfaction it’s just the popularity ratio that makes Nykaa lead the race.

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