Make The Crisis Your Life Fuel | In Conversation With Ocharos

Make The Crisis Your Life Fuel | In Conversation With Ocharos
Make The Crisis Your Life Fuel | In Conversation With Ocharos

The Pandemic has played a crucial role in the masses’ life. There’s no uncertainty over the things we’ve lost because of coronavirus. The world is scrambling to recover from the damage. Just one virus, and from the economy to people’s life, all seem to be rattled.

Still, a pandemic comes as an erstwhile opportunity for people to grow. Not having ample time was one reason people were not looking at their inner selves. They were so occupied with their 9 to5 jobs. Now, they are seizing this golden opportunity and following what was on their mind a long time ago. Out there, there are many Youngsters fanatic about gaming. They were not getting enough time to craft their gaming skills. For them, it’s the best time to be active on YouTube.

The Staggering Rise

Make The Crisis Your Life Fuel | In Conversation With Ocharos

In every industry, there is a staggering rise. OTT platforms, Edutainment, podcast and whatever industry is using the Internet are all rage. Talking specifically about YouTube, it has over 265 million monthly active users. There is a 90-minute per day consumption on a smartphone and 130 minutes per day on a high-end smartphone. In the pandemic, one of the most exponentially growing sectors across India and also the world has been the gaming industry. People picking to stay at home until the vaccine comes are spending a lot of time surfing the internet, especially YouTube. Isn’t it obvious? We’re dying out of boredom, and gaming videos on YouTube are giving entertainment to people.

It is further projected that the gaming sector in India is expected to reach $3,750 million by 2024. With over 400 active gaming startups and 500 million smartphones, the future of the gaming industry is massive.

As the YouTube streaming sector grows exponentially, we have chatted with a young YouTube streamer. ‘Ocharos‘ run by Gaurav Sootwal helps us to plunge into the world of YouTube streaming.

There is an upturn in YouTube streaming. “Amid the pandemic, I started working on the channel and with smart work, finally I got monetized. It’s a hard work of 9 months but Pandemic boosted it instantly. For everyone’s clarification, I’m bringing out that this wasn’t easy. It took me 10-12 hours of streaming every day. Basically, in my mind, I was adapted enough to not miss this opportunity. This pandemic helped me a lot,” he said.

There are many factors that seemed to affect his YouTube channel’s growth.

Make The Crisis Your Life Fuel | In Conversation With Ocharos

“In the lockdown, loneliness ensued in everyone’s mind, this was the best virtual getaway. This pandemic disheartened me because I had my plans ready. After lockdown, nowhere to go, it was my last choice. As they say, opportunity comes with a big caveat. Enough time and boredom of people helped me to grow instantly. These streams are offering solace to many people. I would love to mention the connection here, streams provide a straight connection with the public. Strangers can chat and feel someone is here to talk,” says Gaurav.

Covid-19 has confined us to our space for months. Ample time is the leading factor in the growth of YouTube channels in this period. Many of the young creators are struggling to get exposure to YouTube.

“I’ve seen many people striving for likes and comments. First, they should focus on their content because entertaining content is like stars in the sky, and they will shine one day. Smart work is key. Things take time,” he adds.

Talking about how he sees the growth of his channel post-pandemic. He adds, “Not only me, everybody has an idea that growth will fall. But, having said that this was a brilliant chance for me, now I will focus on shorter streams and videos rather than longer streams. I knew this would come for sure, that’s the reason behind the change in my strategies. Due to the suffice of timing, I will focus on gameplay videos and precise videos. Thus, people can enjoy it having no trouble with time.”

There’s a tip for every young creator. This is the time to go digital. As the digital uprising continues, nobody should drop this opportunity. Smart work is key. YouTube is exploding with content. If you have something in your mind and it’s entertaining or informative, execute it on the platform. Over his career, he says, “Crafting my skills in Gaming is my paramount objective. I’m planning to enter E-Sports. There are many E-Sports events happening around us. A plethora of gaming stakeholders are perceiving the need to monetize the Indian gaming scene into an organized e-sport segment.”

Well, the future of the gaming sector appears to be brighter than ever. The post-pandemic world will revolutionize everything. Already plenty of games such as Valorant, Apex Legends, PUBG is gripping a larger audience. Many opportunities are awaiting in the digital world.

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