Indian Taekwondo Sensation Syed Taha: Gem of a Talent From The Valley

In India, one may rarely see taekwondo as a competitive sport. It is considered a leisure activity. Parents enroll their kids in taekwondo or martial arts during their summer breaks. Still, many hidden talents are writing their career in taekwondo despite all challenges. One such talent is Syed Taha Bukhari, who is an International player,  Taekwondo in India.

Taha is eyeing Paris Olympics to become the first Taekwondo player from the valley of Kashmir to play all India university nationals in Taekwondo and to proceed it to world university games.

Taekwondo in India

Taekwondo is perhaps the most well-known and polished hand-to-hand fighting in India. Expert Puran Andrew Gurung acquainted taekwondo with India subsequent to getting back from Hong Kong to India. He examined Taekwondo under Korean Incredible Stupendous Expert Lee Pyung Buddy from 1969 to 1974. Since 1974 he has been advancing Taekwondo subsequent to procuring his second Dan under Extraordinary Fantastic Expert Lee Pyung Buddy.

Syed taha, also famous as a poster boy of Kashmir in Taekwondo, is playing for the last 20 years. He started his journey when he was just 3 years old. His coach Syed Ashaq Hussain Bukhari was the one who believed Taha has the capability to make his presence in the Taekwondo world. He is the youngest player to be part of the Commonwealth baton relay for the Commonwealth Games 2010. He has been dominating the Taekwondo arena for a long time. In 2018, he became the youngest from Kashmir valley to play senior national for J&K. After just one year, he played international Olympic ranking championship.

The Target

Taha is the national medalist as well as 12 times state gold medalist. He is also 14 times district gold medalist and also the youngest player of the championships many times. Taha has played almost all types of nationals except all Indian universities and is now targeting to play that championship and make it count.

Taekwondo Sensation Syed Taha Desperate To Make a Comeback Despite Serious Injury
Taekwondo Sensation Syed Taha Desperate To Make a Comeback Despite Serious Injury

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Syed Taha Bukhari’s other achievements –

  • India Open international Olympic championship 2019 Gachibowli stadium Hyderabad India.
  • 2 times Open Kashmir gold medallist.
  • Federation cup for J&K State.
  • U/14 two SGFI nationals for J&K state.
  • U/17 two SGFI nationals for J&K state
  • U/19 one SGFI nationals for J&K state.

Syed taha was just 10 kilograms when he played his first Taekwondo championship. He missed many national championships due to unpeaceful situations in Kashmir but he kept his nerves and followed his passion and these disappointments couldn’t stop him from becoming an international player and is eying Olympic games. To make his focus he is also a part-time cricketer and is an inter-university gold medalist and cricket presidents Cup gold medalist. He’s also a karate national player and jeet Kune, do, wushu, Muaythai state gold medalist.

Syed taha deals with the ACL injury that happened during the international match and will be operating next month and will hopefully make a comeback at the end of the year.

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