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Gone are the days, when the news was a piece of information, rather than what you want it to be. At the very beginning of the journey of Journalism, people especially professors instruct us to watch news channels. As a journalist, you should be attentive of what’s going on around you. Now, it sounds absurd while saying someone to watch tv. The box is filled with disgust, biased news, cacophony, and whatnot. I would not recommend people to watch TV news.

Most news channels today are on the lookout for news that would raise their TRP. The negative ideology is already hurting India and its people. By stooping so low, news channels are destroying the ethics of the media industry.

In media nowadays, only agenda based journalism works. Whether it’s left-wing or right-wing. We as an audience are accepting this mediocrity. This saddens me more than anything else. Biased news is a key feature of new media whether it’s print, electronic, or digital. What’s devastating is news channels have a plethora of such biasedness. How to sensationalizes the topic, they know it better. This is working for them, so they put their ethical guards down. What we as an audience are achieving? Most of the people have already migrated from tv news to other platforms. Digital platforms deliver you everything that you were seeking on tv news.
The question is why you shouldn’t watch tv news, take a look at the reasons.

1. Negativity – Indian Media

All news isn’t negative. All news doesn’t spew hatred. But the news repetitions on channels breed negativity. Suppose, you are watching Sushant’s news, and trust me you’re gonna end up being negative about Rhea Chakraborty. Reason? Back to back repetitions. You would even abuse her. That negativity goes into your mind forever. Here, digital comes to help as you would read only that news which you know won’t give you any bullshit negativity. It is a kind of filter you can use if you want to consume negativity or not. We don’t need too much negative news around us. And, if something is emergent, it’ll knock your way.

2.Lack of Information

There was a time when education, unemployment, environment, the economic crisis was the topic of bulletins. Nowadays, propaganda is taking a lot of space in the media. Who does not know that funding of media houses comes from where? Many of the media houses are leaning towards either left or right. So, propaganda is a new tool. Well, there are many propaganda bases information on the internet too, but if you are reading the news, it means you can look over a bunch of headlines. While reading all those headlines, you may land to the information that would never make it to the headlines of TV.

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3.TRP Race

TV news channels are purely driven by TRP. With the outgrowth in quantity and competition, the quality of most channels has been reduced. They may show the news without thinking twice the authenticity of it. On digital media, there are many articles that are not based on Trp. There is a pool of information on the internet, whichever you want to read, you can read. But, on news channels, the viewer doesn’t have this leverage.

4. Tv sensationalizes

There is a lot of sensationalization on TV. Crispy headlines, rhyming which doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes it’s cringy and other times, it’s disgusting. Hyping the fear doesn’t make it a bigger or exclusive content. Scenes of people crying, drama, playing scenes exactly like the crime happened on stage. This is all pointless. Repetitions don’t make something a newsworthy of watching it. Instead of this, look out the content on digital media where you can make your own opinion of some subject. You would use your mind, instead of listening to the dumb boxes.

Jo dikhega vo bikega

At the end of the day, it’s odd to criticize only the media. It’s like criticizing Bollywood for mediocre movies because they get hefty profits from such foolish contents so they keep giving that trash. A journalist could increase their standards, but what if people like masala. On another note, content-driven films are on the rise now because people have started understanding the real cinema. But, cinema makers are the ones who started making content-driven cinema. So, if a journalist shows useful content, people will watch but that will affect their TRP in the case of TV channels. It’s time for the audience to shut the bulletin which is coming on news TV channels and bid adieu it. Digital media gives you information, it may also consist of hatred, opinionated news, still, the reader will read that thing in which he/she might be interested.

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  1. Very true. What I have observed since long that most of the channels are more focussed and dedicated to agendas of BJP Vs other parties, Hindu- Muslim, China and Pakistan only. Very less news and awareness on social issues. Specially TV media.

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