How Is The Current Farmer Protest Becoming One of Its Kind?

Farmer protest in various entry points of Delhi is not a usual melodrama. We might have different opinions on the pros and cons of the farm bill. But the way this protest is going would be a part of history.

A farmer resting in his alloated trolley

Feeding such a huge mass, that the authority itself doesn’t have an idea how many! Without considering the party, religion, or ideology, they are feeding a large group of people, be it travelers, media persons, police, students, or the homeless.

Allegations of Khalistan’s involvement and vague motive are still there. But India as a country that stands for personal freedom and Human rights, needs to understand the depth of dissent and what is a “protest”. Our politicians and party members should realize that destroying public property is not the right way. Only a trained army can adapt to such a situation and arrange a kitchen like that at the Singhu border.

Rather than prattling about Gandhi’s style, these farmers or middlemen or whoever it is, are showing the real way of Gandhism. Their single protest could possibly make a difference for the malnutrition problem as it is seen that a group of homeless kids from a nearby slum is depending on this in a big way for their daily meal.

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