Fact Check – How Media Is Spreading Fake News Over #DalitLivesMatter

Fact Check - How Media Is Spreading Fake News Over #DalitLivesMatter
Fact Check – How Media Is Spreading Fake News Over #DalitLivesMatter

Social media was filled with #dalitlivesmatter over the death of a Dalit teen in UP allegedly shot dead for entering a temple this past day. Every top media reported this incident with the headline stating the same.

According to Amroha SP Vipin Tada, there is a financial dealing between the accused and the victim. The police maintained that the murder was the result of an altercation between the two accused, and the elder brother of the deceased, over a sum of Rs 5,000.

We don’t know why they did this. We have never been discriminated like this before” – the victim’s father Om Prakash Jatav said.

How far these guys would leap just for the sake of some votes by appeasement and spreading well-crafted lies?

The disappointing part is that despite mentioning this reason in every news report, Headlines remained the same. Unfortunately, media is intentionally using the sensitive side as clickbait even if it is wrong!

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Superintendent of Police, Amroha, Vipin Tada, also clarified it in the byte. The police officer said that the victim had a partnership with the perpetrators of managing honeybee breeding and a mango field. Over disputed money, they fought. The police have caught the suspect, and further investigation is on.

Despite accepting the fact that Dalits are facing racial discrimination and they feel insecure in most parts of the country, but spreading fake news or invoking sensitivity is not a remedy. We must create a space for them and punish every atrocity against Dalits. This kind of false media propaganda doesn’t serve the purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Fact Check – How Media Is Spreading Fake News Over #DalitLivesMatter

  1. All supported by politics. No one is going to help. No strong political will to erase this cast system as they themselves has this in their family and community, moreover it’s a question if votebank and retaining the label if upper fine class and/or cast.
    Interestingly Ms. Mayawati never comes forward for the help and good for the people of this tagged lower cast people. All politics.

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