Executed Ideology Is A Disaster!

What do you mean by Nazism? The idea was derived from german history, which is based on discipline and National unity. Discipline and national unity, two noble ideas, but when Nazism was practiced in Europe, it gave birth to modern history’s unforgettable dark age of humanity.

Similarly, none of the ideologies or isms are by definition derogatory, but when executed in a society become a very impractical and non-sensible climate which may include subjugation, discrimination, or a holocaust as in the case of Nazism. Now coming to a local example of India; Hindu Nationalism may be seen as a beautiful concept of a cultural and traditional relation to ancient India, where everybody is living peacefully without any major problems, just like Ramarajya of Gandhi, but won’t be as sweet as we imagine. Frequent cases of mob lynching in the name of beef and manhandling Dalits for entering the temple or for marrying an upper caste woman are aftereffects of this new-found love for the above-said ism.

Executed Ideology Is A Disaster!
Executed Ideology Is A Disaster!

So this dilemma of execution can be seen in every major ideology. Communism is my personal favorite where everybody will do his favorite job as per his need and passion, Communism is only an end result which can only be attained if we follow Socialism. Now could you count a single nation which is developed in every aspect along with happy citizens? That nation in your mind will be a past communist nation like USSR or Bolivia, and if you have a live example, then that might be an oppressive one as per modern parameters.

Unlike political ideologies which can be seen concentrated in particular geographical regions, Social ideologies like feminism, religionism, and Racism can be seen anywhere in different forms. At the end of the day, Feminism tries to make a woman be like a bad man instead of a wonderful woman. Examples of nations created on the sole basis of religion have already created enough havoc which doesn’t need a notation.

Whereas, society should encourage women to be equal as men and help her become capable to drive her life forward as same as men, not to become men. Nowadays movies are more into portraying them to smoke and abuse like other men to show that they are strong. This isn’t the ideal way for women empowerment.

Ideology is an aggregate of ideas nor created through the experience of a society, neither with deep end discussions. Unfortunately, the birth of an ideology usually contained to an individual or to a limited amount of people that too might be to push their agenda, hence executing that ism might be not as same as formulated in books and brains.

Views by Atul Krishnan. https://www.instagram.com/incredible.kanji/

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One thought on “Executed Ideology Is A Disaster!

  1. Every country has their own social and economical pros and cons whethrr they are based on religion or any kind of ideology. However, it depends on politicians and common people what they think about it and how to enterprate and utilise it as per their to specific needs and goals. We can lively see the hatred towards each others religion, community in democratic and religion based countries and communism turning in to the dectatorship with eying on grabbing others land leading towards actual war from the cold war.

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