Electric car emissions myth ‘busted’ – Its Not at all “Green”!

New research suggests that electric cars could pollute more than petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles. A study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology showed that greenhouse gas emissions increased dramatically when coal was used for electricity production. Electric car pollution would have more consequences.

Electric car pollution
Electric car pollution

According to their report in The Journal of Industrial Ecology, electric car factories emit more toxic waste than traditional car factories. Researchers said that electric cars can still make sense in certain cases. Big impact The team examined the life-cycle impacts of both conventional and electric vehicles. They looked at how car production, use, and end-of-life disposal affect the environment.

The report stated that “the production phase of electric cars proved substantially more environmentally intensive”, comparing it with how petrol and diesel cars were made. “The potential for global warming from the production of electric vehicles is approximately twice that of traditional vehicles.” Producing batteries and electric motors also require toxic minerals like nickel, copper, and aluminium. Acidification has a much greater impact than conventional car production.

Prof Stromman stated that electric vehicles perform worse than modern internal combustion engines, even though they emit virtually no direct emissions. Counterproductive efforts The report states that electric cars are so harmful to the environment that they pollute the environment by the time they reach the roads. But, even if the cars were powered by low-carbon electricity, they could still offer “the potential to substantial reductions in greenhouse gases emissions and exposures to tailpipe emissions over time.” The report stated that electric cars may not offer any benefits in areas where fossil fuels are the primary sources of power. “It is counterproductive for electric vehicles to be promoted in regions where electricity is primarily made from lignite, co or heavy oil combustion.”

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