DU Open Book Test: Delhi University to start Final Year Exams as OBE, Check out Important Guidelines Here

After a lot of speculations regarding DU conducting OBE(Open book examination), the Delhi High Court on 7th August gave a green signal to conduct OBE for the Final year students of DU.

Students are definitely not happy by this decision of the Court as there were several petitions being filed demanding cancellation of the OBE. And promoting the students on the basis of previous year/semesters marks. These petitions were definitely filed keeping in mind that conduction of exams amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic will just act as an extra burden/Stress on the students. Moreover, major students population studying in DU are not from Delhi. Firstly, The COVID cases are on peak all over India, Several states are facing floods and heavy rainfall, Secondly, financial issues because of the Lockdown. Students don’t have adequate resources for the smooth conduction of OBE such as Internet Facility, Laptops, Phones, Proper space and the list follows. The petitions also claimed that several students are not in the right state of mind for appearing in exams amidst the Pandemic.

Points to note

THE ADDITIONAL FACILITIES provided after the HC’s Verdict :
1- All the students will be provided a total of 4 hours of time for the complete procedure of the exam. That includes downloading the Question Paper, Solving it, Scanning, and then upload. Or email the answer sheets on the designated portal/Email Address.

2- All the students falling in the PWD category will be provided a total of 6 hours for the whole procedure mentioned above in the 1st point.

3- All the students will receive a link on their registered email ID for downloading the question paper on the examination day as per the Date-sheet.

OPTIONS PROVIDED for uploading/emailing the answer scripts.

1- Students can scan the answer sheets page by page or question wise and upload. The Maximum size of a single file allowed is 7 MB.

2- Students can make Pdf of their answer sheet question wise and upload them on the University’s portal. Or can email it at the respective college/department/faculty email address. Similarly, at the central email address of the University that is obescript@exam.du.ac.in

3- In like manner students can also make a single file of their whole answer sheet. And follow the procedure given in 2nd point above.

4- Students must write their Roll Number, Unique Paper Code(UPC), and Date of examination(dd/mm/yyyy) in the subject of their emails. Example = Roll Number-UPC-Date.

5- In the Mail body student must write the following
-Student Name
-Examination Roll Number
-Name of Programme/Course
-Title of the paper(attempted)
-Name of college/Department
-Date and Time of Examination: dd/mm/yyyy, Hour: Min

6- Those students who upload the answer sheets on the portal would receive a confirmation/acknowledgment on their phone.

7- Those students who email the answer sheets to the central email address as per point number 2 mentioned above, will receive a confirmation on email.

Court giving green signal to DU for the conduction of OBE is a bit disappointing, as the issues raised in the petitions were genuine but on the other hand, due to the delay and uncertainty regarding exams since 2 months was also decreasing.

The Facilities given in the recent University Notification is indeed appreciated as it would have been difficult for students to solve a regular paper of 3 hours comprising 75 marks in 2 hours. DU students also got the option to email the answer scripts if faces any issue in uploading the same on the designated portal. It was definitely a roller-coaster ride for students but finally, exams are happening and we’ll get through this whole thing, move forward and concentrate on our future endeavours.

Views by Siddharth Singh, Student, Sri Aurobindo College.

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