COVID-19: What’s Your Next Step Academically?

Had 2020 been the normal year, many would have already taken further steps of their career. Many would have got admission to their favorite college or life-changing decisions could have taken. However, the Covid-19 pandemic changed normalcy into disorderliness.

Everything has been under Lockdown since March in India. In June, unlocking has started but not for students as college and universities are still closed. Students across the country are in the middle of a dilemma. Some are waiting for their examination results, while some waiting to pursue the next year of college. There is pressure, anxiousness among students.

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Well, some exams have canceled or postponed because of Covid-19. Students got promoted in schools based on previous exams. Still, some universities are not issuing a clarification to students about exams. It forces them to sit with their books in this pandemic to ensure they are ready whenever the exams happen. Already, Covid-19 has affected the mental health of many people. Now, students are under confusion about their future as well.

The Liberal Wing talked to college students to know what they’ve been up to as they face unprecedented times.

Confusion, Confusion and Confusion…

Delhi University postponed the OBE for final-year students. The exams were scheduled to begin from July 1, and now it will be held on July 10. Bipasha Atul, a Delhi University student, said, “the website of DU is under construction.” She was preparing for an exam and later got the information about the recent date of exams. She is privileged enough to accept this instant change.

college students and corona crisis
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Bipasha added that she has an internet facility, laptop, and everything to give exams, but many students don’t have this privilege. They might have arranged their possible way to get the internet and laptop for July 1, and now the date has been postponed. What will they do? Today, I’ve given my mock test. Still, confusion around exams exist.

“Let’s assume that in 1 lakh students, 10,000 students could not download question paper because of the speed of the internet in remote areas. What will happen to them? It’s possible to say it will devastate their future. If the mock test would be successful tomorrow, it will increase the probability of online exams.

Bipasha Atul

Mental Health

DUTA (Delhi University Teacher’s Association conducted an online survey where 85% of students reported that they don’t have enough resources for the smooth conduct of the OBE. Siddharth, a student of Delhi University’s Sri Aurobindo College, said, “since the lockdown was imposed, the mental health of students started deteriorating. Not everyone has the facility for an online exam.”

He informed us that 85% of the students are facing issues right now because of OBE. Lack of resources, people stuck in their hometowns, family issues, there are many problems that have not been taken care of. There are no updates on UGC guidelines, even though MHRD on 24th June ordered to make changes.

He pointed out that not everyone is familiar with this OBE thing, and the slow website of Delhi University is a colossal headache. Recently, High Court warns Delhi University of contempt proceedings.

college students and corona crisis
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“Delhi University can’t just play with students mental state or students with a lack of resources.”


Anxiety And Hope

Sameera, a Journalism student of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan said, I was waiting for last exams of this year but this pandemic has changed everything. The college authority hasn’t given us clarity on exams. Just a date of 31st July has provided by the college. I’m anxious about my further year of masters and hoping this corona time will pass.

The Covid-19 pandemic appeared at the end of the academic year and made student’s life more difficult. Future seems cloudy and no clarity of colleges ballooned it, she added.

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